2022 Dec The first in China! Kimberly Group Limited successfully obtained China's the first recycled cold-rolled carbon steel UL2809 recycled material certificate.
December 28,2022

Kimberly’s recycled cold-rolled carbon steel has passed the UL2809 recycled material content certification. On December 20, 2022, Kimberly has received UL2809 recycled content verification certificate from Underwriters Laboratories (thereafter “UL”).

UL 2809 Recycled Material Content Verification Standard aims to verify the recycled material content in products, not only to verify the content of pre-consumer recycled materials (PIR) and post-consumer recycled materials (PCR), but also to evaluate the impact of collecting these recycled materials on the economy, environment and other impacts.

Through the unremitting persistence and efforts of the company team, Kimberly successfully passed the UL2809 recycled material content verification. This certification includes cold-rolled carbon steel plates DC04-K and DC06-K, and the recycled material content is certified to be above 54%. According to the verification requirements of UL2809 recycled material content, in the certification process of raw materials, production, and finished products, Kimberly actively submitted relevant and legitimate documents and passed the strict evaluation. The results show that the proportion of recycled materials of Kimberly's recycled cold-rolled carbon steel is in line with the actual production situation. The successful passing of this certification marks that Kimberly has opened a new chapter and entered a new journey in green environmental engineering projects and green manufacturing.

Kimberly is a leading manufacturer in the industry, mainly producing kitchenwares, including but not limited to cookwares, oven utensils, and also expanding the business to other kitchen utensils. In recent years, we have been committing to the development of environmentally friendly recycled materials, through the use of different types of materials, some major achievements such as:

In October 2020, obtained the UL2809 verification of post-consumer recycled content of aluminum series;

In February 2022, obtained the post-consumer recycled content UL2809 verification of bakelite series;

In September 2022, obtained the UL2809 verification of post-consumer recycled content of stainless steel;

In December 2022, carbon steel series products have successfully passed the post-consumer UL2809 recycled content verification;

Combined with the needs of end consumers, provide the market with high-value specialty products.

Kimberly has always been adhering to the concept of "people's enterprise", and is determined to become an enterprise responsible for the industry and the world. As early as 2019, the research on green manufacturing began, trying to study the various feasibility of green manufacturing in all links of the entire production chain, including material use, product development, product manufacturing, and even product logistics. From the application of aluminum recycled materials at the beginning, it became the first batch of company in the world to obtain UL2809 certification, and then to the application of stainless steel and cold-rolled carbon steel recycled materials. Kimberly has been committed to the research of recycling and application of various materials, and has been recognized by the industry. Unanimous praise and recognition and trust from customers.

In the future, Kimberly will continue to uphold the concept of "we should make a difference", and work with industry partners to actively respond to the "carbon neutral" goal proposed by the country and contribute to the creation of our green earth.

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