Eco Green Series
The Eco Green Series is developed to fulfil our mission to protect the environment. The body of cookware is made by UL2809 validated recycled aluminum, the handle is from F.S.M Eco-system, the coating is brought by ILAG Ultimate Maximizing Green, and the package is made by FSC certified materials. This product is Green inside-out.
  • Aluminum material

UL2809 validated recycled aluminum accounted for 90% of aluminum used

  • Coating

iLag Ultimate Maximizing Green

  • Handle
F.B.M Eco System

  • Lid

4mm tempered glass(LFGB)

  • Package

    FSC certified materials

  • Bottom thickness


  • Body thickness -


Induction bottom
Induction bottom
Ilag Ultimate Green Maximizing coating
FSC certified packaging materials
UL2809 validated recycled aluminum
F.B.M Eco-system handle